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Getting there


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ooh and i forgot to say, one of the students in the last group i was working with said, hey, you spoke too much, we didn't have time to brainstorm! Well, why didn't you just tell me you understood and would I go away while you handle it? i countered. Hm, you make it sound so easy, they joked back.
Well, I'm not really sure where all that came from, since I definitely had time with all groups, but I did spend some more time with this group a second time towards the end, explaining how to use surveymonkey.

Basically nobody had really explored survey monkey, so some were doing that in class, when I pointed out that it was kinda too late to be making net surveys, so perhaps going f2f might be quicker and more flexible under the circumstances. Most people thought if you make a survey at survey monkey, people just appear to take it, rather than your having to actively invite people, so I did have some disillusioning to do there. I want you to notice it as a tool, I explained...but out here the world is Japan, so asking people your questions in japanese might be less rude, only make it English for the ppt presentation.