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Getting there


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

(Pasted in Dec. 2nd) I am not kidding the internet is down or slow or what have you, driving me crazy I can’t get into blogger or access student files from eemsophia.
Today was Day 7, Presentation 2, focusing on Delivery and Survey Skills.

Excellent, excellent! Next will be Teamwork, Enthusiasm and integrating reference to an article in the ppt.

I was having the heebie jeebies in class at the start because I couldn’t get my puter screen to show on the screen, so I ran back to the office to ask for help, and the guy was kind enough to poddle over to class armed with an alternative cable. Two of my savvy students kept me calm, one offering theirs as a stopgap, and then they took over my baby, asking permission to reboot, which I did, and they got it all fixed. THANK YOU!...meanwhile the techie guy left, and I started class inbetween all this mess, distributing colored slips for impressions on what students learned, and asking people to hand out handouts in advance rather than later.
After this I took a moment to explain homework: vocabulary sheet, study another topic different from your own for a blanksheet mini-test, and mark a friend’s paper, this for the last time. (My Thursday class is much more organized, I have three students who haven’t had papers returned in this class, and I got really powerful and said I will find you out when it comes to handing in rubrics marked items, and I guarantee you will fail this course if you do not return these people’s papers, so make sure you find them and hand them back. I notice that one student has stopped coming, so there is a good chance they have a paper, but then they’ve failed anyway…) I also pointed out that a report without an article was no good, and a Japanese article was no good, and pointed out the paper of one student that I had retrieved from a forgotten file in class, saying this, with no rubrics, and no article attached, is a fail. (Reminding a bit late, I mean, dear Goddess, we’ve got this far into term it’s a wonder I am even caring! Your last chance to get back on the bandwagon!) I didn’t know peer editing would be so fraught, and only on Tuesday.
And since there were no volunteers for first up I called the groups from one to six, in the order I had noted down. I had a timer, and announced that I would mark down anyone going past the beep on seven minutes. Group five did, although I gave them a tiny fraction of extra time for my pulling the speaker into the middle instead of leaving them all bunched up in a corner.

I got really hands on in this class, dashing out to actually prop up chins and model standing straight, rather than just taking photos, talking inbetween about eye contact. Some students remarked in their comments that everyone was getting better! Indeed!

The first three groups got aggressive questions, and warded them feebly, the third group was smashing, bingo, contentwise, structure, presentation, delivery, ppt, handout, excellent, and warded the question with aplomb. Great modeling.

I didn’t feel such a rush of enjoyment and pride afterwards, wonder why,,,we were hard on the chime, so I was desperately trying to pack up the puter, screen and so on, but feel it was a good day. The depth of integration of surveys was good, a usual class spread, I guess, I always expect everyone to be top class, so I am surprised when some are kind of pretty basic. But generally great work. I need to ask students to send me things earlier to help double check some of the English.