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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Presentation 2 Financial English: Course Day 7

This class had doubled up on topics, so we only had three in all for six groups, on Central Banking, on International Trade, and on Bankruptcy. As one web-savvy student helped get the monitor up on screen I explained the homework as on Tuesday, to prepare a twenty word vocabulary sheet and study one other topic in the ppts at eemsophia. I particularly praised and recommended the Tuesday 'Insider Trading' ppt as a model of excellence. I also asked students to revise their article report for handing in the following week. All this seemed clear and everyone understood, plus there were no glitches with peer-review not being returned, thank goddess. I also handed out a wee article from the Economist on a trade spat over parasite eggs found in Kimchi (Korean spiced pickled Chinese cabbage, absolutely delish) which was the subject of one of the group's International Trade presentation-hot topic in more ways than one!

As one team member was late, we began with group 2, and I had the peace of mind to introduce what this team shared in common to all members of the class before each team presented. This group all like cats, they all wear jeans (only not today!) and the like. I had wanted to do that on Tuesday and somehow got all flummoxed, but doing it today made everything more rounded, linked back to the interpersonal skills component of the course, emphasizing common bonds with work colleagues.

Peppering with questions was something no group really had off pat, but I'll keep badgering everyone because after a good presentation it's something you have to be on top of. A quick glance over average scores shows me every group above 50, but I'll have to double check...one at least is average ten points divergent from my score of 42 this time, which reminds me that six or seven people in this class were using the rubrics what could be deemed indiscriminately or else just plain friendly wishful thinking stuff. I know everyone wants to pep each other up in this group, it's a very gentle crowd. What I'll do is check the math, because this new rubrics has no attire , and extra points for content, delivery and handout/visuals, according to comments from about ten people in the class that attire was not so important.

However I felt at the end of this class that attire really is important, and I want to remember to discuss which rubrics to use for Presentation 3, the original equal weighted version including attire or the new version without attire.

In one group they skillfully skipped one presenter saying her part (introducing the central bank of Japan) had been dealt with in detail in the previous central banking ppt. They compared the functions and independence of various countries' central banks. I wanted everyone to speak, so I made a point of asking the person a question by name, and it turns out they had a cold and had lost their voice, so I apologized for putting them on the spot...Wishing the group had mentioned the cold too in their savvy move to skip their part...

In another group one student acted simply as timekeeper and ppt slide mover. This again I am not happy about, since it is the one chance to practice delivery and presence and all the rest. I am afraid I neglected to point this out clearly at the time as we moved on to the next group, so MUST say this prior to Presentation 3: Golden Rule: ALL team members must PRESENT!