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Getting there


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday Day 6

Computer room D day, and everyone filled out a pink slip for presence, or a blue one for being late. i distributed an interesting article I found in the Japan Times this morning on Japan importing blue-fin tuna illegally caught by Turkey...thought it would be of interest, particularly to the two groups doing international trade.
I passed it out as I went round groups asking if they needed help, and in this lesson I didn't once have a moment to sit down, it was just moving round groups, explaining to build on the basic presentation concept again:
Definition, Focus, Up-to-date Example, Advantages and Disadvantages, and your Message as an Economist team, and to add the survey in there to make your message stronger.

Kept giving advice mainly on what kind of survey questions were possible, with some mention of what students did last year, particularly on Insider Dealing. Also helping students google as a technique to find explanation of particular examples in English rather than use translation software, and generally offering ideas. Squatted down between puters to help on group think of advantages and disadvantages, and broaden the vision a little, showing how to shift the focus out to society/global, or in to the personal level, to get new aspects.

One group felt it was all a bit too much, which I know it is, but I reassured that it was about trying things out and seeing what other people do, and that with the time available it was impossible to really go in in any depth, depending on the focus. Same for surveys, there's no time to make a really polished one, and I don't have the time to teach survey making per se, so it will be more of a making realisations and learning as we go process.

There were some glitches with the peer editing, two students haven't had their papers returned and I don't know who they are. (the people not returning the edited papers...) I will know by the end, because I get them all handed in to me, but right now I don't. So I suggested as a last resort that the two empty-handed students print out their essay again, and bring it with rubrics next week for the second peer editing, before I collect things in to me finally in a couple of weeks time. I also said I would ask again in class next week about the unreturned papers. I know on the day there were two papers less than people in the class, which means two people didn't hand in papers, which means two people did not need to peer mark. I neglected to make a note of their names....mistake! None of this kind of hassle is happening on Thursday, eh?

At the beginning of class before the chime I spoke to one student who needed to take more care with the peer editing, and asked them to really make sure they were fulfilling the peer-peer part of the course. They spoke to their original peer, apologizing, but it seems they left before taking the paper to re-do/mark...arggghh! I'm guessing these issues are like their biggest learning opportunity, but meanwhile the hassle roundabout!