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Getting there


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Day 10 Thursday Presentations on Environmental and Socio-Economic Topics

I am reminded as I look at the orange attendance slips of my students where I ask them to write mini meta-cognitive comments on what they learned, noticed or found interesting, that the skill we were after was teamwork, using Q&A, repetition and so on to liven up the different voices, not just presenting one after the other.

11 students commented on this aspect of the presentations:

  • Communication among the team during the presentation makes it more interesting than each person speaking independently.
  • Bird Flu & Chiina's Pollution are very good. Because their teams talk each other.
  • Today's presentation, the contacts in a group each other is very important, I think. We need more communication.
  • I realized again that teamwork is a very important factor for presentation. If we support each other, presentation will move smoothly.

I must remember to say (again,methinks) that the same techniques, asking rhetorical questions, repetition, groups of three and so on are great for an individual presentation too to liven it up.

4 people mentioned they noticed the overall improvement and it made them feel they want to do more:

  • Every group's time-keeping skill went well! We are getting closer to the good presentation : )
  • I think that the level of presentation is better than last time. At last presentation I will have a best presentation.
  • My classmates got better, I think. I need more effort.
  • I have to practice presentation more. And next time, I try to practice more and support team mates.

4 people mentioned the use of graphs and sources:

  • It's important to paste the resource, because we can check and research if we want to know about the topic more.
  • We'd have more information on visuals.
  • I learned the difference of map, table, graph and pie-chart.

6 people commented on posture and delivery:

  • I thought that using eye contact and using communication in the presentation was difficult
  • I can't eye contact, use body. [Student name] is very good at those. Next presentation, I want to try them.
  • I couldn't be very cheerful expression in presentation. Next time, I will communicate listener.

3 students commented on the contents:

  • I was surprised that Japan's stockprice is decreasing because of bird flu. BUT I eat chicken without change. Promotion KFC was very good performance!!
  • Green GDP is not much of efficiency, but in these days Cleaner Production Law bring in China

My favorites ( i had one abstention of comment) to wrap up a truly wonderful day:

  • Today I enjoyed presentation, because every groups did great presentation.
  • I think that all classmates feel more relax this time than last time.