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Getting there


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Digging into the backlog of marking and filling up my markbook. Interesting to note the discrepancies in Presentation 2 between the average and my own grade of a presentation.

The system is five student markers, one from each of the groups listening to a presentation, and mine, added up and divided by six, so my own judgement is equal to that of one student. I discounted one student's rubric which had 60 (the perfect score) and Perfect! written on it with no name. The idea is that a marking student takes responsibility for their judgement and writes their name on the marked rubric.

For Tuesday Presentation 2

AV: 48.5 Me: 45
AV: 52 Me: 48
AV 54.3 Me: 54
AV 50 Me: 49.5
AV 45 Me: 43.5
AV: 49 Me: 47.5

My average score for this class: 47.9

For Thursday Presentation 2 (Who are using a different rubric with no marking of attire and added weight for content, ppt/handout and delivery)

AV: 52 Me:42
AV: 51 Me: 53.5
AV: 52 Me: 51.5
AV: 52 Me: 51.5
AV: 51 Me: 49.5
AV: 52 Me: 46.5

My average score for this class: 49.0

So overall my average rating of Thursday presentations is higher than Tuesday, although the lowest rating overall is for a Thursday presentation. Which low rating, when I look at the students' names, is a really serious good group of students, so that would explain why other people were rating them more on their image than on the actual presentation(?) to give a higher mark...or was I in a let's get serious and this is the first presentation mood? Marking is such an arbitrary business! Even with everyone using the same rubrics!