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Getting there


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

good presentations yesterday tuesday, altho I must say greening in china group simply hadn't read the article or begun to understand the need for relevance and quoting sources...great attempts to use mixing voices and questions for humor and teamwork, particularly the first presentation.

Meanwhile i have spent the whole day making a fantastic end of term vocabulary,which I have decided will review the financial vocabulary definitions of the first presentations, move into some newspaper articles on financial topics for the second and environmental third presentations, with vocabulary provided that students have to slot into the gaps in the text...

all from authentic sources which students should now be able to read, and a review of a more economic and problem focus on some of the topics they were working on. All students must work on two environmental texts I chose, Bird Flu and Renewable Energy (2o points), plus students get a choice of whether to read and fill in either a text on International Trade or Central Banks (10 points), plus they can fill in words wherever they can (four mini-texts on Accounting, LBOs, Bonds and Exchange Rates five words possible each, ten points total for this so ten words or two texts are safeguards).

Grand total of 40 points to add to the 60 for the last presentation. I'm thinking to do the marking in class after Xmas, for further review and to save me the energy. I also have been thinking about dictionary and open book tests, and told students yesterday to bring their dictionaries and that I was still undecided. I have decided to go for 15 minutes without, and 15 minutes with in the second half of the test, leaving some time for checking but not enough to do it all with the dictionary.

Yippee, feeling happier about the course now. Remains the grand task of commenting and grading the article reading assignments: roll on Xmas break!