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Getting there


Thursday, July 20, 2006

This is amazing...I have spent the morning trawling through the spring terms of 2004 and 2005 to look for blog entries related to the vocabulary worksheet and autonomous vocab learning that I did, and about which I am now going to write (some kind of a) dissertation to crown my MA.

Really deep, particularly as I cut and edit 2005 down to about 8 pages of word, to see how anal I am, with being late and not accepting train tickets and handing in stuff late. I seem almost arbitrary, crazy, inflexible to myself, as I read it. ( I hate the word anal, inflexible, pedantic seem much better...but it does seem appropriate...)

I've had rebound syndrome this spring term, sympathetic, gentle even with students being late, although still threatening them with lower grades...they don't seem able to get up in the mornings, for them it is a GIANT hurdle, and some even commenting they came on time every day and should get an A just for that. And thus far this year, I have been generous with it, and not docked grades as I had said.

Plus of course they are getting late trains, I see my own son now in animation vocational school getting the last possible train to get in by the skin of his teeth, and complaining about jammed ticket barriers leading him to a two-minute lateness, rather than making efforts to be able to leave home that extra train early, even with me making him tea and toast and waking him.

Somewhere in the back of my brain I remember reading some study about teens and early twenties having different metabolisms so that the first morning study period is a goner for them....